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Your piano, like a guitar or violin, has strings stretched over a wooden soundboard. This wooden soundboard expands and contracts as the humidity levels in the room change. So a piano, which typically has more than 200 highly tensioned strings pressing down on a thin sheet of pine, is going to drift out of tune. Therefore ideally a piano should be tuned three times per year for optimum performance. Although usually once per year will suit most pianists' requirements.

  • Identifying moth or woodworm, which could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

  • Maintaining the pitch of the piano so that you are in perfect tune with other instruments/CDs etc.

  • Checking for damp, mould and rusty strings, developing splits in the soundboard, or cracks in the iron frame.

  • Monitoring the wear of the felts and leathers in the action, hammers, dampers etc.

Keep to concert pitch.

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The benefits of regular piano tuning include:

I can arrange a regular tuning service for any kind of piano that suits both your schedule and budget. I can also take care of one-off tuning before concerts and recitals. Plus, if you've noticed an issue with your piano, or if I discover one during tuning, don't worry. I'm fully trained in piano repairs and can help for a very reasonable price. I can also offer free maintenance advice over the phone.

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